Audits happen, let us help. Whether Federal, State, or Dept. of Labor, audits can be confusing and time consuming. Let us take care of the work for you. We are fully qualified to represent you and your business at all points of the audit process.

What we can do to help?

When you are contacted by the IRS or state tax agency for an audit, we will:

  • Prepare all tax returns, documentation and notices
  • Find ways to minimize the financial impact of the audit on your business
  • Review your documentation with you for any inconsistencies
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf
  • And if necessary, prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition

Insurance Audit Services

We understand that the premium audit process can be complex. Our seasoned and knowledgeable in-house premium audit staff is available to assist with your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Audit. We will also help you navigate the myriad of workers’ compensation and business classifications to assist you in accurately classifying your employees. We offer three convenient audit types:

  • Mail Audit – A report form will be sent to either your business or to our office from the insurance carrier. Upon receipt of the form, we will complete and return to your carrier either through mail, email or fax as per their instructions.
  • Telephone Audit – A telephone audit may be requested by your carrier. We will speak with the auditor regarding your business payroll, sales numbers and business operations. The auditor may ask for proof to be sent to them via mail, email or fax to confirm our numbers.
  • On-Site Physical Audit – An appointment will be set between an auditor and our office. We will provide all of the documentation the auditor requires.